An overview of this site:

articles in the About section will help you navigate the site, and provides background information 

NB: The site went 'live' on 22 September - the Autumn Equinox - because Cycle Orbital is a child of EQ - an equinox idea. more information is being added to the site steadily, for which feedback will be gratefully received.

How to use Cycle Orbital

all you need to know to plan an outing

Bringing Cycle Orbital to life

a bit of history, and biographical details of the deviser, Martin Nelson

The Cycle Orbital logo

a DIY logo with imbedded maths and philosophy...

Rail-assisted riding

information about the stations and train services that serve the network


the topography and human factors that govern the 'wonky' shape of Cycle Orbital


a summary of the most helpful modifications to improve the Cycle Orbital experience


more kind words may be added now Cycle Orbital has gone 'live'


please help make a Cycle Orbital community by offering feedback