Bringing Cycle Orbital to Life

About the Author

Martin Nelson cycled some thousands of miles to recce the network to his satisfaction, and bring Cycle Orbital to life. His career has been as a singer and actor, but his degree was in geography. He has cycled in London for over 50 years, and in 1977 submitted the winning design (Camden to Lambeth) that initiated the GLC’s 1000-mile cycle network (Evening Standard: “Nelson wins at Waterloo”).

Other environmental initiatives

Two other environmental innovations pre-date Cycle Orbital: Scrap & Scratch Opera (1985) and EQ, a project which offers the equinoxes as ‘good days to do something planetary’, spring and autumn. Equinoxes are the two fixed planet events when there is equal night and day everywhere, so just on these two days we can be said to be equal under the sun - to have a shared destiny and responsibility for our common future.


Martin's personal website:

The history of Cycle Orbital - when it carried the working title C25 - is on a Trailblazer Blog.

Equinoctial ideas are on an Equinox Blog and on a demo site, EQ - equalunderthesun