Rides to woodlands can be a destination in their own right, particularly in spring and autumn. These rides pass through fine examples. Top Six earn asterisks:

  1. *Arc 7: Ranmore Common and Netley Heath
  2. Arc 10: Cliveden and Penn Wood
  3. Spoke 1N: Broxbourne NNR
  4. Spoke 2-3: Chelsham woods
  5. Spoke 3: Marden Park
  6. Spoke 8link: Langley Park, Burnham Beeches
  7. *Spoke 8N: Langley Park, Black Park, Burnham Beeches
  8. *Spin-off 2: Epping Forest, Weald Park
  9. *Spin-off 5: Knowle, Kentish Weald
  10. Spin-off 10: Bryant's Bottom
  11. Spin-off 11: Ashridge Estate
  12. *Chingford-Epping link: Epping Forest
  13. Romford link N: Hainault Forest Park
  14. *Romford-Brentwood link: Havering Country Park