Welcome to peaceful cycling at London's margins

Little MissendenCycle Orbital is close to 900 miles of recreational cycleways ringing the capital, ranging from child-friendly to challenging and arranged in a network of twelve Arcs, Spokes and Spinoffs.


begin at stations marking the limit of  Transport for London's Oyster Zone. 


are arranged like a (wonky) clock face starting at 'one o'clock' - Hertford Castle.


generally follow National Cycle Network routes deeper into Southeast England.

Guiding Principles

  • routes accessible to all cyclists and most bikes
  • off-road cycle paths where available, otherwise quiet byways
  • busy roads avoided as much as possible. 

Get Going

You can devise then research and download or print your outing (e.g. spoke-arc-spoke: or spinoff-arc-spoke...), ideally making use of the rail network to assist you out, then home.

Happy exploring!

I cannot recommend Martin Nelson’s Cycle Orbital too highly. All cyclists will join in thanking him for having this vision and the extra miles he has cycled to make it a reality.

Alan Bennett (actor, playwright, lifelong cyclist)