Cardio (tougher rides)

There are some big climbs in the North Downs section of CyOrb (Arcs 6 and 7) - but you can get off and walk, it's not a competition! On the other hand some cyclists seek out the longer or hillier (or rougher off-road) routes. Here they are. Truthfully, the Box Hill Zig-Zag is so well graded that it only just gets classified here, but you can always climb it twice. Or thrice, or...

Top seven earn asterisks:

  1. *Arc 6: Titsey to Walton-on-the-Hill. Titsey 267m is the highest point on CyOrb.
  2. *Arc 7: Walton to Clandon (Ranmore and Shere). Ranmore a tougher ascent than Box Hill
  3. Arc 10: Taplow to Chesham.
  4. Spoke 2E: Downie Bank to Cudham. Steepest hill on the network.
  5. *Spoke 5 var: Roman Stane Street. Best suited to MTB bikes
  6. *Spin-off 2: Enfield to Shenfield. Surprisingly hilly; Essex is not flat!
  7. Spin-off 1-2-3: Moreton to Rainham. With Spin-off 1 added, a lovely long ride.
  8. Spin-off 5 var: Knatts Valley. A Kentish classic.
  9. *Spin-off 5: Kentish Weald. The gentle Eden valley central section apart, a tester in its entirety, with several Chalk and Greensand escarpment challenges.
  10. Spin-off 5 link: Ide Hill
  11. *Box Hill Loop: Box Hill zig-zag
  12. *Spin-off 10: Little Missenden to Princes Risborough
  13. Spin-off 11: Hemel Hempstead to Leighton Buzzard