Industry, past & present

Since Cycle Orbital seeks out "peaceful rides at London's margins", by definition industry and urban infrastructure is on the whole avoided. Nonetheless, they crop up and make a comforting counterpoint to all that countryside for incurable urbanites. Some of them are CyOrb highlights. Don't miss an opportunity to visit Crossness Pumping Station, for instance.

Top five earn asterisks:

    1. Arc 2a: Gunpowder Park
    2. *Arc 2b: Isle of Dogs - Canary Wharf & Millwall Docks; Greenwich peninsular (o2); Thames Barrier
    3. *Arc 2b alt: Northern Outfall Sewer (Abbey Mills Pumping Station); City Airport
    4. *Arc 3: Crossness Pumping Station; Thamesside industry
    5. Arcs 11 & 12, inner, outer & merged: Hertfordshire Lost Rails
    6. *Spin-off 3: Thamesside industry; Purfleet and Tilbury docks, St Clement's-in-the-Soap-Factory
    7. *Spin-off 4: Thamesside industry and port facilities
    8. Spin-off 6: Gatwick Airport
    9. Spin-off 8: Basingstoke canal
    10. Spin-off 11: Leighton Buzzard Railway