Archaeology and hidden history

Pre-Roman and Roman sites dominate this short list, but there are two fascinating remains of  past medical history, one each of water supply, of an entertainment park, and a WW2 aerodrome. Local knowledge may yet unearth some other hidden gems...

Top five earn asterisks.:

  1. Arc 1: New River source
  2. *Arc 4: Lullingstone Roman Villa
  3. *Arc 11 inner & Spoke 10N: Verulamium
  4. *Spoke 5 link: Horton Country Park (Epsom Cluster)
  5. Spoke 5 var: Roman Stane Street
  6. *Spin-off 1-2-3: Hornchurch Country Park (RAF Hornchurch)
  7. Spin-off 4: Dartford Fever & Isolation Hospitals; Rosherville Gardens
  8. *Spin-off 11: Ivinghoe Beacon
  9. Spin-off 12: Cassivellanus' Oppidum