Rivers Thames, Lee, Colne and Wey account for most riverside riding. Much of it is on navigable waterway or adjoining canal, but the wetland landscape highlight is the Thames estuary, both banks. Flooded gravel pits, especially on Colne and Lee, have been turned into precious wetland wildlife habitats (see birdwatching). Top eight earn asterisks.

  1. *Arc 1: Lee Navigation, Hertford to Enfield Lock
  2. Arc 2a: Enfield Lock to Olympic Park
  3. Arc 2b: Olympic Park to Woolwich via Greenwich
  4. *Arc 3: Woolwich to Dartford
  5. *Arc 8 a & b: Wey Navigation, Basingstoke Canal
  6. Arc 9: Windsor to Jubilee River
  7. Spoke 6: Thames Path and Wey Navigation
  8. Spoke 6-7: Thames Path
  9. Spoke 7 link: Bedmond lakes
  10. *Spoke 8S: Jubilee River
  11. Spoke 8 link: Slough Arm Canal
  12. *Spoke 8-10: Grand Union Canal
  13. Spoke 10 canal: Grand Union Canal
  14. *Spin-off  3: Rainham Marshes: Thames estuary N
  15. *Spin-off  4: Thames estuary S
  16. *Spin-off 8: Basingstoke Canal