NNE: Hilly Herts & River Lea

North through Broxboune NNR and back on the Lea Navigation

26 miles
Ride Description

Two routes and GPX passes:

Crew’s Hill Spoke 1N. NB not all trains stop at Crew's Hill. From the next station Cuffley you can ride east to resume the spoke at Goff's Oak - or turn W then N and navigate the equally pleasant alternative Spoke 1N var via Bayford, reaching Arc 12 merged Cole Green Way a mile W of Hertford

Hertford Arc 1, which is soon on the towpath of the Lee Navigation for a delightful ride to Dobb's Weir. Indeed it's possible to continue on the towpath throughout, but taking NCN1 routing diverts through Lea Valley Park wetland bird reserves - and before that up a zigzag path to a hill viewpoint.

Enfield Lock - where you can take the train (1 mile west) - or return to your start point via Spoke 1E - an additional 5 miles.

Hertford Castle - or 1 o'clock: Arc 1 begins
Messing about on the river, at Broxbourne: Arc 1
Stop Look Listen! Spoke 1E porterage