Spoke 9 W

The Chess Valley West: Chalfont and Latimer to Venus Hill
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
3.6 miles

Down and up through the Chess Valley via Latimer and Flaunden Bottom to Venus Hill.

The Cycle Orbital adventure began here for me, with trips out on the Metropolitan Line. The Chess valley from Loudwater to Chesham is special, but best enjoyed on foot. The Spoke 9 rides cross the Chess to give a flavour of a landscape almost untouched by neighbouring outer suburbs and the M25. Before this spoke dives steeply 0.9 down to the Chess, it is joined 0.6 at Lodge Lane by Spoke 8-9 link. After crossing the Chess the ride then features Latimer hamlet 1.3 and Flaunden Bottom (L 2.1 for Ley Hill and Chesham) before climbing to 3.1 Flaunden, 3.3 Hogpits Bottom - where it crosses with Spoke 10W - en route to Venus Hill and Arc 11 merged

Latimer village: Spoke 9 W