Spoke 8 N

West Ruislip to Cliveden or Wooburn via Langley and Black Parks
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
17.7 miles
NCN 6, 61



The longest spoke takes you through suburbs from West Ruislip* to Uxbridge, along Grand Union towpath, then NCN61 lanes and paths, through landscaped park (Langley), forest (Black Park), a lovely village beneath M40/M25 (Fulmer) and woodland (Burnham Beeches) before more conventional lanes to Arc 10. It’s not direct (the M25/M40 junction has to be avoided), but a constantly changing landscape and good cycling conditions make the journey rewarding. The family friendly sections are within the three featured parks - Langley, Black and Burnham Beeches.

From Swakeley’s Park 0.9 off-road over A40 to Uxbridge Common 2.4. After Uxbridge town centre 3.1 the Grand Union canal 3.5 takes you S to Iver Lane 4.9. A R turn take care at 5.2,  over the M25 5.4 and immediately R (loose gravel surface) then follow NCN61 signage until Langley Country Park 7.7 (L for Spoke 8 links).

Skirt (or walk through) the Temple Gardens to reach busy A412 8.7 - cross with care. Black Park takes over – and could not be more contrasted; this is mature evergreen forest and you may ride on a bed of pine needles. The northbound route involves zigzagging and interweaving with new (Sept 2021) Spoke 8-9 link - until Fulmer Common Road is reached 10.2.

It’s possible to stay on this, but it is worth another change of landscape by turning R on Cherry Tree Lane 10.3 to drop down to charming Fulmer 11.4 and back up to Stoke Common Rd 11.7. Follow Beeches Way to – guess where? – Burnham Beeches 14.3. The roads through Burnham have been closed to cars since 2000 so this is a Cycle Orbital highlight (despite redundant speed bumps) and the subsequent Park Lane 15.4 is very quiet to Littleworth Common. After Littleworth a fork in the road 17.1: R for Wooburn Common and Arc 10 northbound, L for Cliveden and Arc 10 southbound.

*As well as Chiltern Railway connections, cycles can be taken on Central Line tube trains from Shepherd’s Bush to West Ruislip. And for railway buffs, there is a single weekday “ghost train” Chilterns service to/from West Ruislip and Paddington…

The M25, the motoring orbital alternative: Spoke 8N
Autumn in Langley Park: Spoke 8N
Filming in Black Park: Spokes 8N and 8-9 Link
Peak Autumn in Burnham Beeches: Spoke 8 N
Cliveden - the Parterre: Arc 10