Ide Hill to Oxted Greensand link

From Spinoff 5 to Oxted via Chartwell NT and Emmetts NT
Very Hilly
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
8.3 miles



If you have had a big day out in the Kentish Weald on Spin-off 5 this alternative east-west Link hugs the Greensand escarpment south of the N Downs. There are stupendous views over the Kentish Weald throughout, and you will pass two great National Trust properties - Emmetts Garden and Churchill's Chartwell. Taking the train from Oxted means a final climb of the Downs is avoided.

Not that it is flat, especially at Toys Hill, though there is a brief off-road section to avoid a descent and re-ascent at Crockham Hill. Nearer Oxted, the route explores Limpsfield Common (NT) in order to avoid the A25; if you want to hurry on, use the B269 and A25.

Take Church Rd N from Ide Hill until 0.2 L on metalled footpath up to Emmetts NT. You can walk straight through these beautiful gardens, or leave the bike at the teahouse and pay at the entrance to make a visit. Leave by footpath to a bridleway crossing 0.7; L down to Scords Lane and on to Toys Hill village 1.5. Take in the tremendous view at the well, then a steep descent down Puddledock Lane to Mapleton Road and R 2.5 for a re-ascent to Chartwell NT 3.2.

To omit Churchill's home turn L 2.8 on Froghole Lane; subsequent mileages will be reduced by 0.7 miles; otherwise after the visit (or refreshment stop) retrace Mapleton Rd to R 3.5 on Froghole Lane, which is gated at 3.6 but a side gate lets you through, on and up to Hosey Common Road 4.1. Cross, and onto a brief section of footpath to pick up a bridleway that cuts out a sharp descent and re-ascent of Crockham Hill.

Rejoining the road 4.6, most of the rest of the ride is on B269 Kent Hatch Road, but at 6.2 there is an opportunity to take bridleways over Limpsfield Common (NT) to Rockfield Road 7.5. A steep swoop down to the A25 7.8, turn R with care then L up Station Road East to the station 8.3.


Ide Hill from Emmetts Gardens
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