Oxted link S

To Spinoff 5 at Chartwell via Limpsfield Chart
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
4.8 miles



If you have had a big day out in the Kentish Weald, ending with a visit to Chartwell, here is a fine ride to get you back on the train before yet another big climb up and over the North Downs.

Not that it is flat, but there is a brief off-road section if you want to avoid the descent and re-ascent at Crockham Hill. Nearer Oxted, the route explores Limpsfield Common (NT) in order to avoid the A25; if you want to hurry on, use the A25 and B269.

Arriving to cross the A25 the bridleway Old Lane lies directly opposite 0.3, but it is not easily cycle-able; rather turn L then R on Rockfield Road until L on bridleway 0.8. The paths and bridleways on Limpsfield Common, on the other hand, make for pleasant off-road cycling until you reach Kent Hatch Road 2

In order to drop down to Hosey Common Road and Froghole Lane, there is a brief section of footpath 4.1-2. Froghole Lane is gated at 4.6 but a side gate lets you through to Mapleton Road, just below Chartwell.


Crockham Hill byway shortcut: Oxted link S