Stane Street

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Stane Street was one of six hard-surfaced roads built by the Romans from London. It ran south-west through Ewell and south of what later became Epsom, to the military and naval supply base at Regnum (Chichester). It was 56 miles long and archaeological evidence suggests the road was brought into use between 50 and 70AD.
It is not known what the Romans called the road, but the present name comes from the Old English for ‘stone’ (stān) and referred to the road surface.

It was initially built as a military road but was later used for the transport to London of pottery (from Farnham), quern-stones (from Lodsworth), and pig iron and timber (from the Weald). Tiles from Ashtead may also have been taken on this route. The return traffic from London included oil, wine, seafood, and high class pottery such as samian ware.