The Box Hill Loop

Zig-Zag climb (anticlockwise)
Very Hilly
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
5.5 miles



Box Hill Zig-Zag climb is a cyclists' Mecca, and to omit it would have been perverse  - so at the last moment, it wasn't. But the eastern portion of the loop, through Box Hill village, is a functional ride - surprisingly suburban considering it is along the lip of the Downs - with few views. You may want to just attack the climb and turn back after relishing the one spectacular view at the top. This is why the description, uniquely, is anti-clockwise.

In truth, there are tougher climbs on Cycle Orbital - the ascent to Ranmore Common on the other side of the Mole Gap for instance - but none as satisfying, or as well graded. And you will not be alone, especially on a summer weekend. The Zig Zag road leaves Arc 7 on Old London Rd between Juniper Hall and Burford Bridge roundabout, and climbs steadily through two deep zigzags and a final smaller slightly steeper one. If you pass (for the moment) 1.5 the National Trust cafe, the viewpoint 1.7 across to Leith Hill and over the Weald, is tremendous; fully justification for the climb - along with the kudos and sense of achievement.

But if you continue, the loop turns sharp L 4.1 (continue straight for a short section on busy Dorking Road to pick up Arc 6 on its final stretch to Walton-on-the-Hill) and runs pleasantly over Headley Common (4.8 car park and cafe stall) to re-join Arc 7 where it ascends Slough Lane from the west.


The Box Hill Zig Zag: Box Hill Loop
The Box Hill Loop: ZigZig accomplished