Spoke 11 NW

Elstree to Bedmond: Aldenham, Wall Hall and Bricket Wood
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
10.4 miles
no signage

This spoke is a winner after a so-so start. After joining London LOOP to climb Deacons Hill Rd, R on busy A411 0.7 to Elstree, straight over congested traffic lights and 1.8 R on Aldenham Rd. [A short section of LOOP footpath through Aldenham Park, if upgraded to byway with cycle permeable gates, would make all the difference by bypassing this Elstree traffic.]

Now the route opens up, past Aldenham Country Park and schools to Letchmore Heath 4. Look out for R on bridleway 4.2 , then L to Aldenham village 4.8.

There follows off-road byways through Wall Hall estate, the byway crossing River Colne 6.8 by a bridge/ford – a delightful spot. You are little more than a mile from M1 to east and M25 to north!

After crossing Spoke 10N enter Bricket Wood on an excellent hoggin cycle path, over M1 and use an underpass 8.2 for crossing A405. Segregated cycling up High Elms Lane, then R and L to East Lane 9.1.

This is another abandoned road discovery, truncated by the M25, which can be a quagmire in its final yards – but a foot tunnel emerges 9.8, the road resuming for the short climb to Bedmond.

A ford over the Colne: Spoke 11 NW
Bricket Wood: Spoke 11NW