Romford-Brentwood Link

To Brentwood via Havering and Weald Country Parks
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
11.1 miles



The second link route taking advantage of Romford's good rail service takes you through two country parks. Havering Country Park alone is ample justification for the inclusion; Weald Country Park is investigated more thoroughly on Spin-off 2 en route to Shenfield. This route looks in at the visitor centre at the southwest of this substantial deer park.

Once again leaving Romford is a necessary chore, but underpasses help you out of the town centre and across the A12. Once the metalling stops the byway has unconsolidated surface. Pause 3.1 as you enter Havering Park for another panorama of London on the skyline. The park has wonderful views north over rural Essex - and has the country’s second largest plantation of Wellingtonia, or Giant Sequoia; riding beneath them is an unexpected pleasure and novelty. Great picnic/rest spots abound amid the trees. After Havering-atte-Bower church and village green 4, the cricket ground 4.2 enjoys commanding views over the Thames estuary. Sharp L at junction 5.4 for Noak Hill.

Straight on at Noak Hill 6.7 (R for Spin-off 1-2-3 down NCN136 for Ingrebourne Valley to Rainham) on Chequers Road, over the M25. Then R on Wrightsbridge Road 7.1 (Spin-off 1-2-3  heads north here), past Old Macdonald’s Farm to Weald Country Park Visitor's Centre 8.6.

At Sandpit Lane 9.4 Spin-off 2 joins briefly on Weald Road as it crosses the A12 below until R Honeypot Lane 9.8 takes you through Brentwood's SW suburbs, reaching Brentwood from the south.


Giant sequoias in Havering Country Park: Romford-Brentwood Link
Weald Country Park: Romford-Brentwood link