Arc 4

Dartford to Shoreham: Above and along the River Darent(h)
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
10.8 miles
NCN 125



The highlight of the route is Eynsford to Lullingstone Country Park, but after Dartford parkland, weaving south through lanes in little-known countryside to Swanley village will provide surprising pleasures. In 2018 the route was modified to include more of the Darent valley and the fine village of Farningham, in part to accommodate Spinoff 5 var up the lovely Knatts Valley Arc that starts and climbs eastward out of the Darent there.

Turn L out of Dartford and take steps down to R Darent cycle path (for Spinoff 4 cross the river, and L to find NCN125 signs N). Follow NCN125 signs winding through the Town’s park to 1 Brooklands Lake; take the causeway path straight through the middle of lake, then Powder Mill Lane. Cross A225 and climb on B258 through Wilmington. 2.1 L on bridleway Stock Lane. A series of short R-L road sections will bring you to 4.2 Swanley village (R Beechenlea Lane 4.2 for Swanley link N), then 4.7 Button Lane under the M25 to 5.1 Canada Heights adventure centre. Take the narrow and steep byway up into Farningham Wood some walking may be necessary. This is Cycle Orbital’s first excursion since the ‘start’ at Hertford into a properly rural and off-road secret places – yards from the M25! At the carpark 5.7 join Calfstock Lane to 6.4 R A225 Dartford Road (cycle track), crossing the A20 into Farningham village 7.1. Enjoy the village centre L (and continue if using Spinoff 5 var up the Knatts Valley); otherwise R and L to take the quiet Sparepenny Lane to Eynsford 8.1. Again turn L to enjoy the village (and ford), and for Spinoff 5 Kentish Weald Arc (also R for Swanley link S).

Cycle Orbital continues R on to 8.8 Lullingstone Roman Villa and 9.2 Castle. Walk alongside the Darent (10 mins), or take the parallel path at the foot of the meadow alongside, to Lullingstone Country Park Centre 9.7. At 10.7 Shoreham High Street/Shacklands Road junction you must choose; tak’ the High Road Arc 5 high or tak’ the Low - Arc 5 low

The ford at Eynesford: Arc 4
Grazing on lush Darent grass: Arc 4 Eynesford
Lullingstone Roman Villa: Arc 4