Arc 2b var

Olympic Park to Woolwich via Greenway and Free Ferry
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
7.0 miles
NCN 1, 13



Shared path – care and courtesy. Arc 2b has departed the towpath at Hackney Wick; this variant has a short final stretch of the towpath to Old Ford locks, then sharply up a ramp L after a low bridge. You have passed under the Northern Outfall Sewer, and are now riding above it on the Greenway, past Olympic (now West Ham FC) stadium and Orbit. At the View Tube 0.7 a ramp takes you under the main line. and back up to the Greenway again before it crosses Stratford High Street 1.1.

Abbey Mills Pumping station 1.5 is the highlight of this ride, thereafter broad straight and uneventful (but with occasional olfactory reminders we are riding a sewer!) Access ramp 1.8 for West Ham. After a few road crossings the arterial A13 intervenes 4.2; turn R for more favourable light phasing. At the sewer’s end 4.8 turn L for Spinoff 3 ext NCN13 for Rainham, R for Cycle Orbital; follow NCN 13 south (beware glass and debris), then unclassified cycle route over the docks and overlooking the runway of City Airport 6; a mile of busy North Circular Road takes you to the Free Ferry. If it is a two-boat service, head to the front of the queue, take the ferry and enjoy the river crossing; otherwise the foot tunnel will save time.

Abbey Mills Pumping Station: Arc 2b var
On the Woolwich Free Ferry: Arc 2b var