Arc 2b

Olympic Park to Woolwich via Limehouse, Greenwich and the Thames Barrier
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
11.7 miles



Shared paths – care and courtesy. The whole route is family friendly with very little unsegregated road riding.

This spectacular urban waterfront ride starts with a mile through Victoria Park, then the Regent’s Canal to Limehouse Basin 3 (Limehouse 200m E), with a cycle route alternate to the towpath through Mile End Park for busy times.

Cycle Orbital keeps to the towpath after NCN1 turns off 2.8 and joins Jubilee Greenway for a tour of Limehouse Basin; then for spectacular views up the Thames take the early option 3.5 onto the riverside path past Canary Wharf and down the Isle of Dogs. Once at Sir John McDougall Gardens 4.4 turn inland on Tiller Road and join NCN1 for an intriguing ride through the heart of Millwall docklands. For a stark urban/rural juxtaposition take the detour 5.1 through Mudchute Farm and Park, saying hello to the llamas! The section culminates in the panorama of Greenwich from Island Gardens 6.0.

Take the foot tunnel, emerge out into the heart of World Heritage Site Greenwich 6.4 (Greenwich 500m SE) then north along with the Jubilee Greenway for more grand riverside vistas. Take the sweep round the O2 peninsula; the shortcut R 7.6 is tiresome - not worth tangling with traffic at the expense of great views. After the Thames Barrier 10.6 new cycleway improvements keep you close to the Thames for Woolwich 11.4 old dockyard and Ferry.

Victoria Park in autumn: Arc 2b
Rure in Urbs - Mudchute Farm, Isle of Dogs: Arc 2b
The author at the Greenwich Meridian: Arc 2b
New cycleway provision near Thames Barrier, Arc 2b