Arc 12 inner

Verulamium to East Welwyn: Alban Way and Hatfield New Town
Ride Conditions
Percent Off-road
10.6 miles
NCN 12, 61



A straightforward section of deluxe metalled cycleway throughout, mostly on Hertfordshire branch line Alban Way, starting at Verulamium Museum. You cross Spoke 10N in the park 0.4, After a brief suburban section NCN 61 signage guides you to the Alban Way. There is access to  St Albans City 1.9, where Spin-off 12 joinsthen it's plain sailing to 5.8 Hatfield Galleria. Spin-off 12 has parted company L 3.3, Spoke 12 joins R from Colney Heath Lane 3.5. 

After wending off-road through Hatfield and alongside A1000 to Welwyn - where Spoke 11NE joins from Old Hatfield 7.6, and having crossed the exit slipway from the A414, cross with care to the byway 7.9 that takes you to Mill Green Museum. The continuing cycle track beside the A414 turns L 8.7  for QE2 Hospital. L Beehive Lane 9.5 is the quieter route through Welwyn suburbs to 10.2 Cole Green Way and then a merger with Arc 12 outer from Harpenden for more first-rate off-road riding to Hertford.

St Alban's Abbey: Arc 11 inner
Alban Way under, Midland mainline over: Arc 12 inner
Nast Hyde Halt on Alban Way: Arc 12 inner