W: Up the Thames via Windsor

Royal palaces and parks; boating activity - and maybe crossing the Thames by foot ferry

30 miles
Ride Description

Almost too much to see and do!

En route stations: Hampton, Staines, Egham, Windsor Central & Riverside; and places: Hampton Court, Bushey Park, Runnymede, Windsor Great Park, Dorney Lake, Jubilee River. Four routes and GPX passes:

Hampton Court Spoke 6

Hampton, Walton or Shepperton Spoke 6-7 You have three options to transfer from Spoke 6: the foot ferry at Hampton; the new bridge at Walton - or take NCN4 advice and ring the bell for the Shepperton Ferry.

Egham Spoke 7b The pull up from Runnymede meadow to the Air Forces Memorial is probably the steepest section in the whole network - and rough too! Thereafter, back to pretty level going again.

Windsor Great Park Arc 9


Hampton Court Palace: Spoke 6
The Shepperton ferry (ring the bell!): Spokes 6, 6-7
Endurance race in Windsor Great Park: Arc 9